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March 16th 2012

The Goods DIY: boho daisy dukes with lace and studs

Festival season is upon us! Here’s an easy way to spice up a pair of old jean shorts that you can rock all summer long. Enjoy!


To start you will need the following: 

Step 1:

Using scissors, begin by scraping the edges of the fabric horizontally, in a side-to-side motion, making sure the scissors are open and slight pressure is being applied.

Step 2:

In order to achieve the shredded edge at the bottom of the shorts, use your knife or blade to pull out individual threads from the hem until desired style is reached (see video).

Step 3:

Next, choose an area on the front of your shorts that you would like to distress. For this step, you will need either a magazine or newspaper roll, which will be placed in the leg of your shorts, so that the scratches do not transfer to the back side. Starting with a small patch, use your knife or blade to scrape at the fabric in a horizontal direction. You will start to notice a small amount of fuzz being created. Then, do the same in the opposite direction in order to even out the wear on the fabric. Continue switching and scraping until the white threads begin to show through, as shown in the last picture. 

Step 4:

Time for the lace! Flip those distressed babies over and measure your lace to the size of the pocket. Give yourself a little extra in case of any pinching or ruffling of the fabric while you’re sewing. Grab your needle and thread and with a basic running stitch, attach the lace from the inside of the pocket.

Step 5:

Last but not least, we’re ready for the studs. Choose a design you favor, or create one of your own and start studding! We were inspired by the Free People design. Start with the stud open, and puncture the fabric with the prongs. On the underside of the fabric, use your pliers to bend the prongs inward to secure them to the material.



Easy as pie. Now you’re ready for festival season with a look that’s sweet in the back and tough in the front. Stay tuned for styling tips and we’ll show you a few ways we love to wear this summer staple!

♥ m & j

March 09th 2012
Return of The Goods! Here is a sneak peek into our comeback DIY post :) Stay tuned!

Return of The Goods! Here is a sneak peek into our comeback DIY post :) 
Stay tuned!

July 24th 2011

field trip: SF Indie-Mart Street Fair- Design, DIY, and Music Party

Sundays- Typically they evoke images of sleeping in, late breakfasts, bottomless mimosas, and overall unadulterated laziness. This time around, we decided to fight our “case of the Sundays” and make a visit to the previously dormant SF Indie-Mart: A street fair on Wisconsin St. accommodating various vendors who were displaying all things related to design, DIY, jewelry, art and vintage clothes. The event was completed with several DJs spinning oldies and a makeshift outdoor bar offering cheap booze to the masses. This was definitely a different atmosphere than the “Renegade Craft Fair” we had just attended- Most Indie-Mart vendors were based out of San Francisco creating a much more local, laid-back feel. Overall, the weather was beautiful, the beer was flowing, and there was plenty to look at and enjoy. Our favorite stop had to be the DIY terrarium station by Workshop SF as shown below:

Feather hair accessories from Stay In The Light.

Metal forged jewelry from The Urban Smith.

"My recent collection features bullet casings from the San Francisco Police Academy, which I cleaned, forged, and gold plated into works of art. I like to play on the ironic with my jewelry too- I just made a ring that has a large nugget of Brazilian Quartz (healing and calming stone) set in a handmade tension setting. I turn pennies into dollars and bullets into beauty."

Blue jean embroidered zodiac necklaces by Alchemilla.


Indie-Mart returns August 20th at the Alamo Square Flea market. Further deets TBA.

(photos: The Goods)

♥ m & j

July 11th 2011

field trip: Renegade Craft Fair - San Francisco

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. With over 200 vendors showcasing their handmade goods, it was certainly a lot to take in, but well worth it! The Fort Mason Festival Pavilion was packed with booths displaying everything from homemade severed leg catnip toys to on demand poetry from poet/artist, Silvi Alcivar, founder of The Poetry Store.

(source: The Poetry Store)

Below you’ll find some photos of just a few of our favorite finds:

Nature-\inspired jewelry from San Francisco vendor, Bahama Kangaroo.

Unconventional insect displays created by a San Francisco-based insect biologist with the Green Certified Business, B.U.G.

"Rescued, revived, and original" creations from Salt Lake City based, Noble Town Vintage.

Eco-friendly home goods in clever packaging from type.lites.

May we grow old on one pillow.

"Lisa Swerling’s Glass Cathedrals are a series of artboxes containing brilliant tiny worlds, each making their own small statement on our complicated lives."

- Lisa Swerling’s Glass Cathedrals

We fell in love with this super creative business card from Rusty Cuts.

If the Renegade Craft Fair happens to travel to a city near you, definitely make it a point to attend. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to find our “goods” there one day.

(Photos by The Goods unless noted)

♥ m & j

July 05th 2011

The Goods DIY: bed canopy

Our sweet friend Tiani Lou created this canopy for her bedroom and decided to let us share it with all of you! Using just a few materials, this enchanting bed canopy is very easy to replicate. Hope you enjoy!

Items needed:

+two 84” curtain panels

+embroidery ring

+wooden beads

+hemp twine


Begin by cutting each panel down the middle, then hem the cut edges. Next thread the tops of the panels through the embroidery ring. After this step string wooden beads to a pattern of your liking, tie to the embroidery ring, and you’re done! It’s that simple!

(photos: tianilou)

June 21st 2011

likes: homemade tea infusions

(Source: Lolita)

Making your own tea is so simple! Add desired ingredients to any French Press, fill with boiling water, let steep for 5 to 10 minutes, and “Voila!” The combinations are endless and limited only by your taste and creativity. Here are some lovely ideas from Martha Stewart’s website:

+Thyme, Apple, and Ginger

+Lemon Verbena and Lemongrass


+Tarragon and Orange Peel

(Source: Martha Stewart)

♥ j

June 09th 2011

The Goods DIY: vintage hair pins

Materials you’ll need:


+lace doily*

+tulle circles*

+decorative buttons (plastic recommended)



+bobby pins (professional style recommended)

Tools you’ll need:

+needle and thread


+hot glue gun


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May 25th 2011

dying for this embroidered McQueen floral clutch:

A girl can dream.

For now, try this fabulous idea- a DIY sunglass case clutch from Honestly…WTF :

DIY Minaudière

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