The Goods DIY: boho daisy dukes with lace and studs

Festival season is upon us! Here’s an easy way to spice up a pair of old jean shorts that you can rock all summer long. Enjoy!


To start you will need the following: 

Step 1:

Using scissors, begin by scraping the edges of the fabric horizontally, in a side-to-side motion, making sure the scissors are open and slight pressure is being applied.

Step 2:

In order to achieve the shredded edge at the bottom of the shorts, use your knife or blade to pull out individual threads from the hem until desired style is reached (see video).

Step 3:

Next, choose an area on the front of your shorts that you would like to distress. For this step, you will need either a magazine or newspaper roll, which will be placed in the leg of your shorts, so that the scratches do not transfer to the back side. Starting with a small patch, use your knife or blade to scrape at the fabric in a horizontal direction. You will start to notice a small amount of fuzz being created. Then, do the same in the opposite direction in order to even out the wear on the fabric. Continue switching and scraping until the white threads begin to show through, as shown in the last picture. 

Step 4:

Time for the lace! Flip those distressed babies over and measure your lace to the size of the pocket. Give yourself a little extra in case of any pinching or ruffling of the fabric while you’re sewing. Grab your needle and thread and with a basic running stitch, attach the lace from the inside of the pocket.

Step 5:

Last but not least, we’re ready for the studs. Choose a design you favor, or create one of your own and start studding! We were inspired by the Free People design. Start with the stud open, and puncture the fabric with the prongs. On the underside of the fabric, use your pliers to bend the prongs inward to secure them to the material.



Easy as pie. Now you’re ready for festival season with a look that’s sweet in the back and tough in the front. Stay tuned for styling tips and we’ll show you a few ways we love to wear this summer staple!

♥ m & j